About us

Meet the team

Who We Are?

CodeLabs is a young company formed by three entrepeneurs with mad passion about videogames. We left our jobs a year and a half ago and got together so we could develop ourselves in an activity we love and let our imagination do the rest. So far the results couldn’t have been better… and satisfying.

Our Mission

We want to feel and create the same magic as our heroes did so many years ago, when we as children begun this glorious voyage in the gaming world.

The game is nothing. Gaming is everything.

Meet Our Team

Javier (RetroGamer_74)
Chief Executive Officer

The origin of the idea, the master mind behind the project, Javier is a well-known SEO expert from Spain; he has great experience in the industry of Internet and has worked for several technology companies before reinventing himself as a videogame creator and leader of the team.

Andrés Y.
Chief Executive Officer

Andrés is a former project manager from HPS and Oracle, the youngest to achieve that position in the first one. His organizative and programming skills are invaluable inside the team, and has a privileged mind when it comes to analyze and solve almost impossible problems.

Miguel R.
Chief Executive Officer

Miguel is a generalist programmer able to adapt to any kind of language or environment. The logistic aspects of the projects, good communication and a wild imagination are his strong points. Also loves to write these kind of texts.